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What is Dronos?

We're the team you call when you need a land mass mapped or a wind turbine inspected.

What truly matters?

We believe in challenging the status quo, while having fun doing it. We believe in thinking differently.

We utilize drones to do everyday tasks that humans do and then some dangerous things humans can’t do. All while capturing the most beautiful images in life & saving companies money by using drone technology.

We believe the crucial elements to a successful business and the things that truly matter can be summed up into three catagories. The Team. The Product. The Leadership.

Dronos prides itself on all three of these catagories. Our team of experts creates an environment for our clients that makes the entire process fun and stressfree, while providing experience and confidence.

We provide the products you need in the way you want it, knowing that a company is only as good as the products it provides to their clients.

Lastly the founders of Dronos believe in challenging the status quo to continually find the best way to bring services to our clients. Ultimately it is our desire to bring innovation to the world that drives our passion and creativity.

The Team
The Product
The Innovation

Discover all the ways Dronos can help your business

Dronos offers a multitude of services for wind turbine inspections, drone survey mapping and orthomosaics

Meet the team

Dronos wouldn't be Dronos without our amazing and diverse team of professionals

Jacob Longhurst

Co-Founder - CEO

Jacob has a deep understanding of technology and systems, with a deep background and experience of over 8 years in computers, custom electronics, and various computer programming. With his background in sales, customer service, and technology, Jacob brings much needed knowledge, experience and vision to the team and product innovations.

Riley Schaad

Co-Founder - President

Riley has key knowledge of the various applications Dronos Inc. is pursuing. He has over 5 years of experience doing electrical, mechanical, and custom engineering designs. Riley brings to the team a working knowledge of the Oil & Gas Industry, Safety and Automation, Water / Wastewater Industry, and industrial procedures and team management.

Ammon Lewis

Marketing / Chief Editor

Ammon has over 4 year experience as a website analyst. Working directly with the marketing and product management group he has developed key skills on how to acquire business, identify and tailor marketing efforts towards key audiences, and managing teams and technologies. Ammon has a keen understanding and passion for video editing and content creation that resonates with potential customers and the general public.

Nate Carter

Sales Director / Cheif Pilot

Nate comes to the team with exemplary sales experience and understanding. He has worked on and trained various sales teams over the past 5 years showing his knowledge to be paramount to driving better sales within the companies he is with, if you need something done he is the man for the job.