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Dronos provides end to end every service you need for wind turbine inspections and videography for both air and ground scenarios

Wind Turbine Inspection

High definition imagery and thermal data collected by our Drones is analyzed using proprietary software to automatically detect issues with Wind Turbines, such as delamination, storm damage, warping, linear stress fractures, thermal cracks, edge ablation, and more. The data is analyzed and delivered in a technical report to assist in future repairs and audits of each turbine.

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Survey and Mapping

Surveying and Mapping has become an integral part of industrial and commercial construction sites. A new development in the industry has been the inclusion and use of UAV’s (Drones) in the field. Dronos use’s high definition imagery combined with the latest mapping software to deliver Orthomosaics, Terrain Models, NDVI Analysis and 3D models of sites for various construction and project management purposes.

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We believe providing a positive experience to our clientele is a crucial slice of the pie.


Dronos believes that if the team is happy they will make our clients happy.


No business is complete without cutting edge technology. Let Dronos take the lead.


Soul and passion is what we pride ourselves on. Everything we do, we do with passion and thought for our team members and clients.

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What you get when you go with Dronos

Unbeatable Service

We stay with you step by step ensuring that you understand the process and are comfortable from start to finish. Constant communication between us and our clients is what we strive for.

4k Imaging

Our drones utilize 4k cameras to bring you the best, most vibrant images capable today. Offering 360 degree views, 60 Mbps video, Ultra-High resolution images capable of picking up and viewing the smallest details from long distances.


You can rest assured you are working with a professional and legal company. Dronos is an FAA 333 Exempt company, a requirement for any UAV company to perform work legally here in the U.S. We carry a $1 Million liability insurance coverage and our pilots go through specialized training and hours of practice.

Wind Turbines

Incredible Team

We love what we do and we love providing industrial services that save companies money, improve safety, and time. We love exploring the world and taking breathtaking photos, as well as providing innovative technology and solutions for companies. Lastly we are a professional team, full of highly specialized and trained, camera operators, graphic artists, and industry specialists offering you the best.

Emerging Technologies

Dronos stays current on the latest software and hardware the UAV and inspections industry has to offer, often times pushing the limits and boundaries of our own knowledge to bring better solutions to our clients.

Easy to Use

Our drones utilize the latest technology. We are ready to fly in under 5 minutes and we handle everything to make the process smooth for you.