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All the reasons you need Dronos

Dronos uses drones to survey and map sites, providing clients with a 3D orthomosaic rendering.

Surveying and Mapping has become an integral part of industrial and commercial construction sites. A new development in the industry has been the inclusion and use of UAV’s in the field. Dronos use’s high definition imagery, latest in mapping software to deliver Orthomosaics, Terrain Models, NDVI Analysis and 3D models of sites for various construction and project management purposes. Do you have a site, building, object, anything really, that you don’t want to design, take measurements of, or have any means of capturing without the help of helicopters and satellite imagery? Are you looking to impress clients with a digital 3D model of your designs?

A highly efficient solution is found in the use of UAS’s to perform small and large area digital models, mappings, and measurements. These digital models are used to gather and generate:

  • Georeferenced Othrorectified maps
  • Terrain Models, accurate topographic modelling with DSM’s (Digital Surface Models) and DTM’s (Digital Terrain Models)
  • NDVI Analysis for crop and terrain health
  • 3D models with highly accurate Point Cloud Data and full 3D Renderings.

Engineering companies that get digital 3D modeling done can get real world and accurate models made of their projects to showcase during sales presentations to showcase virtual 3D model vs real world 3D model of how the project was executed and built to spec.

Since we use drones to collect the data we can offer these services at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying, eliminating the need for bulky and complex equipment as well as personnel on the ground. These are just a few of the many ways this technology can not only improve the efficiency of your site management and engineering, but also decrease time, and decrease cost.

Let Dronos usher you into the new industrial revolution.

Other Services

Offering additional services for our clients

Wind Turbine Inspections

High definition imagery and thermal data collected by our Drones is analyzed using proprietary software to automatically detect issues with Wind Turbines, such as delamination, storm damage, warping, linear stress fractures, thermal cracks, edge ablation, and more. The data is analyzed and delivered in a technical report to assist in future repairs and audits of each turbine.

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  • Jacob Longhurst

    Soon we will see a time when drones fly overhead performing a myriad of tasks. It is inevitable for society to impliment drones into our every day life from delivering packages to securing our freedoms.

  • Riley Schaad

    Ever since I was a kid, technology has fascinated me, The Jetsons, Star Wars, and countless other shows opened my eyes to a futuristic world of wonder and intrigue. Today those technologies and ideas that were once dreams and ideas are now a reality.