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Dronos increases efficiency, decreases down time, and simplifies the inspection process

The global focus on sustainability has created a growing demand for experts who know how to implement cost energy solutions for wind farm owners. With such a dramatic increase in Wind Turbine installations and focus on sustainability Worldwide, a need for cheaper and safer inspection methods has become necessary.

There are currently several methods for wind turbine inspections, some examples being rope descents, cranes, scaffolding service platforms, helicopters, and high powered telescopes. The problem with these methods rests in the dangers of climbing, heavy equipment, long shut down times, as well as being very time consuming, costly, and inefficient.

A safer and highly efficient solution to these issues is the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to complete the inspections. UAS inspections can be performed year round on land and sea, without the hassle of heavy equipment or machinery. It requires no inspector to climb the turbines and repel down; thus lowering the inspection time, as well as the down time of the turbine dramatically. Additional advantages of a UAS provide multiple avenues for inspections, including high-resolution images, full HD recordings and even thermal imaging you can keep for your records, all at a lower cost than traditional methods.

Wind Turbine Inspections

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Survey and Mapping

Surveying and Mapping has become an integral part of industrial and commercial construction sites. A new development in the industry has been the inclusion and use of UAV’s (Drones) in the field. Dronos use’s high definition imagery combined with the latest mapping software to deliver Orthomosaics, Terrain Models, NDVI Analysis and 3D models of sites for various construction and project management purposes.

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  • Jacob Longhurst

    Soon we will see a time when drones fly overhead performing a myriad of tasks. It is inevitable for society to impliment drones into our every day life from delivering packages to securing our freedoms.

  • Riley Schaad

    Ever since I was a kid, technology has fascinated me, The Jetsons, Star Wars, and countless other shows opened my eyes to a futuristic world of wonder and intrigue. Today those technologies and ideas that were once dreams and ideas are now a reality.